A powerful motivator and coach, dawn shrum challenges her audience to align their daily actions with their greatest vision. Drawing from years of experiences as an organizational effectiveness expert and coach to some extremely influential people, dawn shares her strategic approach to designing your own individual success and the scientific formula to achieve it.

4 keys to Achieving Greater Success

Inspiration to grasp a greater vision,

Motivation to power every action,

Focus to make the most of every day, and finally

Accountability to keep the other three from fading away

Attendees will laugh, squirm, sigh and smirk as dawn leads them down a path to daily accountability for individual achievement. Practical realizations about what matters most and what gets in the way are only the beginning of getting to where you really want to be. Attendees will acquire the tools to not only begin taking ownership and responsibility for their own path to success, but also create a scientific course of action to get them to their desired destination.

When asked what’s the one word of advice she would give to someone who wants to achieve more, Dawn says “Don’t waste another minute. There are only very few certainties in this life. One is that this day will end. Another is that you won’t get it back. When you finally rested your head on your pillow last night, could you honestly say that you gave your best hours, energy and attention to the things that matter most to you? In those final moments of yesterday, did you know with absolute certainty, the actions that you would take today to get measurably closer to your goals? If your gut responds to either of those two questions with anything other than a hearty YES, please don’t let another day pass by without asking for help. Life is short. Live it to the fullest, today. Today is the day that counts most – because it’s the only one in the palm of your hand!”

dawn shrum, strategist, coach, and founder of r3Success, is a resource in high demand with individuals and business leaders who are serious about strategic success. She’s credited with developing individuals and elevating businesses of vastly varying sizes, to greater heights of success. Establishing herself as an organizational effectiveness expert in the 90’s, she’s influenced countless leaders and organizations – from Fortune 50, international companies to small start-ups and non-profits – achieve ultimate results. She holds an MBA in Executive Leadership, from Temple University’s Fox Business School and, in addition to leading her strategic coaching practice through remarkable growth, dawn is an adjunct professor at Belmont University, a motivational speaker, corporate trainer and accountability advocate.

Inspiration grasp a greater vision


……to power every action.


... to make the most of every day, and finally.


…to keep the other three from fading away.

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