One of the keys to achieving the passions of your life is to devise individual actions, that when repeated consistently and progressively, will culminate in the desired results.  It’s a scientific formula that boils down to an exercise of small daily disciplines that are linked to long term achievement.  It’s a very simple concept that yields disruptive results.

With such a basic formula at our fingertips, why is personal success elusive for so many?  The answer lies in the common obstacles of static distractions causing loss of focus.  Because the foundation for this formula for success lies in Daily Consistent execution of manageable tasks, the obstacle lies in the very same.  Each manageable, attainable daily task, carry’s with it, each and everyday, the opportunity to be overlooked, avoided, or devalued by average daily distractions.  Everyday we must choose to complete the Daily Consistent Action by keeping our eyes on the prize.  Keep the goal in front of you always.  We each need to find the best way to engage with our goals and somehow remind ourselves of how important they are to us each and every minute of everyday.  Until, at some point, the goal becomes bigger than any static distraction that comes our way.   At that time, our daily decision making will be governed by long term achievement and greater passion.  The temptation to dismiss small consistent actions becomes out of the question. 

At the moment of decision – to complete your daily consistent actions or to let them slide, usually comes at a moment of weakness, stress or duress.  You will probably be alone and not many will care if you let this simple item fall.  You must have made a commitment to yourself, long before that moment arrives that failure is not an option.  This is what it takes to do what you want to do – and you Will Not Let Go Of It.  Only then will you be in control of your disruptive results.  

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